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Game Details

Fifa Phygtl. is a collaborative project that will connect and challenge creators to augment, co-create the visual acquisition of the Golden-Globe-Football™. What will start as a group of fans will develop into a large-scale community within the umbrella of Football (Soccer) Fandom.

Start by opening the app.

Augment & defragment the Golden-Globe-Football™.

Select & secure a fragment.

You have an option between small & large fragments. Fragment sizes determine the number of pictures and or videos you can attach. Small fragments are limited to 1 upload, while large fragments have a capacity of 2 uploads.

Select pictures and videos taken during your watch party.

Fans merge handpicked videos and pictures of their thrilling FIFA watch parties with the fragment of the golden globe football tm wrapped onto an augmented globe, which is memorialized onto a digital representation of eternal fandom.

Eternalize your Moments.

At this point Phygtl leverages its technology to have your handpicked moments memorialized and melted onto the Golden-Globe-Football. Which becomes the first reward made by fans for the football world.

Explore & connect with other fan emotions from all around the world.

Share with family and friends.

Collect points to rise up the leaderboard.

For every fragment you own, every other friend you invite, and every minute you spend discovering other fan's content generates in-app points.

Access your Fragment Inventory

Have full visibility of the fragments you own, and transparency on what address the fragments are placed. This gives you the right to sell those fragments anytime.